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Hi Bellas!   It was a pleasure speaking to you in Chicago!  I love nothing more than being in a room filled with inspiring, strong, women.  Plus--I am addicted to my Bella cup! Swag is seriously exciting even as a grown up. :)


As you know… being an entrepreneur is NO JOKE.  It takes courage, flexibility and resilience (which you definitely have).  The rewards are more than worth it, but I know that it can sometimes feel like you are being knocked around like a bobo doll.  


You are facing some very real challenges and I’d love to help you move through them so you can THRIVE daily in your business  


That’s why I created a single laser session AND an extended private coaching program specifically for Bella.


This 2 month program includes BOTH coaching and consulting.


My coaching helps to support you mentally and emotionally so you can maintain a STRONG, open and creative mindset in your day to day work. This is imperative in allowing you to problem solve, plan, react, and FEEL connected to your work.


My consulting hat pops on when you need clear feedback on how to tweak your communication in various challenges such as giving employee feedback, dealing with difficult customers, interviewing potential employees, etc.  I am here to help you navigate these situations so that you get the BEST possible outcome.

Here is exactly what you’ll get:


  • 3 one-on-one 75 minutes sessions with me:

    • We’ll dive in and get you feeling great and functioning to your full potential so that you can enjoy your business while tackling your challenges head on.  (These sessions are powerful and deeply productive.  Major progress is made quickly!)

  • Unlimited email access:

    • I provide detailed recorded responses to your questions so you have immediate support to the answers you need to move forward.   

  • Follow up Memes:

    • These outline the mindset breakthroughs from our session so you can reinforce your new mindset and make those insights stick.  

  • Personalized resources:

    • I handpick resources that are most relevant to your needs so you can make significant progress quickly.  



Here are some of the things we will accomplish together:


  • How to feel calmer in your day to day so you can make decisions from a creative open mindset.

  • Strategies to stop the anxiety and fear-spinning so you can feel connected to your work and have some damn fun!  

  • Guidance on how to design your day to serve you energetically and emotionally so you can deal better with difficult situations and enjoy your work.  

  • How to connect more confidently to your decision making so you don’t waste time and energy second guessing.

  • How to appropriately vet  your interviewees so you get people who are matched for this work.

  • How to communicate feedback clearly but openly to your workers.

  • How to deal with an employee who is struggling.

  • How to communicate clearly (and non reactively) with a difficult customer to get to the best possible outcome for everyone.   


If this all sounds like what you need then I’d love to chat more about your goals and what you’re currently struggling with. Click below to schedule a free consultation call.



“I love the work I do, but being an entrepreneur can be an overwhelming.  Erin was absolutely amazing to work with! Her coaching was personalized to my needs and addressed the work patterns that were getting in my way.  She is a master coach. SHE QUICKLY HELPED ME TO BECOME MORE DECISIVE, CONFIDENT AND CLEAR THROUGHOUT MY WORKDAY! I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to STEP UP YOUR GAME!”


-Jess Ekstrom, Raleigh, NC

CEO & Founder @ Headbands of Hope


“I don’t know how I survived without Erin. I wish I had found her sooner. It sounds corny, but WORKING WITH ERIN HAS LITERALLY CHANGED MY LIFE.  Working with her taught me more about myself than years of therapy or self-reflection. Before working with Erin I had irritability, resentment, perfectionism, dread about going to work or doing work, overwhelm, and feeling a lack of control.  After working with Erin I am focused on achieving results instead of perfection. I am able to enjoy my job. I am focused and efficient and experience a tiny fraction of the work stress I was experiencing before I worked with her. I feel calm and in control.  I definitely have more certainty and clarity about how to prioritize my own well-being within my work life. I feel so much relief and freedom.”


-Sara Taylor, El Paso, AR

College Professor & Coach


“When I started coaching with Erin I had a deep desire to step into a full time career as an entrepreneur and speaker.  I was stuck in fear. Erin took my fear and turned it on its head and helped me to use it as motivation. She gave me tangible takeaways from each session that I could apply to my days.  I not only made the transition, I exceeded my career goals for the year! COACHING WAS 100% WORTH THE INVESTMENT AND THEN SOME!!”


-Tina Vansteenbergen, Brooklyn, NY

Professional Speaker @ ForCollegeForLife


This single session is designed to give you laser focused coaching and consulting.  We dive right into the issues that are tripping you up MOST. I get you unstuck so you can get back to business feeling STRONG, CLEAR, and CALM. 


During this 75 minute session we cover 1-2 issues surrounding :

  • Mindset hurdles that are tripping you up MOST (i.e. perfectionism, fear of failure, fear of judgement, trouble turning off your work brain...)

    • I get you free from the mindset muck so you can FUNCTION like a pro.  

  • Communication challenges that are causing you the MOST hiccups (i.e. dealing with difficult customers, giving employee feedback, responding to daily demands, vetting potential employees...) 

    • I work you through an approach that will allow you to be extremely clear and calm so you can get the BEST possible outcome for everyone involved.  

(Session time typically allows us to tackle up to two issues.  If you find that you are struggling with MANY of the issues listed and want ongoing support see the extended program.) 


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