Mindset Gems for Your Career

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If you sit still you’ll hear it. No, I mean really sit still.  Stop rummaging around looking for it like a lost pair of keys.  Quit thinking you are confused about where you left it.  Just sit still. Can you hear it now?  It’s your own voice? That feeling you have that...

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, author of My Stroke of Insight, writes about her experience being conscious while enduring a massive stroke to the left side of her brain.  As a Harvard trained brain scientist, she had an unstoppable curiosity during and after her stroke. This u...

When I entered kindergarten, I was extraordinarily shy.  I was petrified of adults, and happy to sit quietly and observe.  My real disposition for chattiness was only evident to my family and a few friends.  During the first week of kindergarten reading circle, I met m...

Have you ever walked away from a conversation with a friend or colleague where you shared your excitement about a new joy in your life and for some reason you felt a bit like they stole the helium right out of your giant party balloon? If your answer was yes then you j...

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