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Mindset Maintenance

Follow up Coaching 


I can’t tell you how humbling it is for me that you trusted me with your career journey.

I believe mental wellness is as important as physical health.  Your mind is the foundation for EVERYTHING. Without a balanced mind, we struggle to have a balanced life.

I know that as you move forward with the work we have done in session, you will be hit with the normal ups and downs of life.  You may be eager to continue your work with me in a way that supports you through these future challenges.

Below is the information on how you can continue to work with me.  I have created this follow up program to best serve your mental wellness as you move forward and continue to kick ass in your career & life.  

This follow up program is designed to be flexible, allowing you to use sessions and email support when you need it most.

I have deep gratitude for the work I do and cannot thank-you enough for putting your trust in my coaching. 


I look forward to doing more great work with you.  


MINDSET MAINTENANCE coaching program includes:

(5) 75 minute 1:1 sessions with me via FaceTime or Skype to be use ANYTIME over the next 6 months.   We will dive in and get you clear on whatever is most pressing at that time.  

Session centered homework designed to get your mind aware and shifting throughout your daily life.  

Customized memes after each session to reinforce your breakthroughs so you can stay on track with your new work patterns and insights.  

Recommended resources specific to YOUR needs (books, podcast episodes & articles).   

BONUS: Once a month you are free to reach out via email for additional support.  Something come up that you want my help or feedback on?  Don't want to use a session? No problem.  Reach out via email instead!   

Investment $847

This program is for former clients ONLY. You must enroll for the followup coaching program within 3 months of completing a previous coaching program. To enroll simply email me! 

*Please note that 1:1 sessions can be purchased on an as needed basis.  The rate for a single 75 minute session is $225

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