Step up. Step out. Play Big. 

Ditch the doubt & embrace your bad ass potential!

Stop feeling the shit show of emotions that come from playing small in your career.  IT’S TIME TO STEP UP IN YOUR CAREER AND BLOW YOUR OWN DAMN MIND!


Not because they don’t want more. Not because they can’t do more...


It's because they are drowning in perfectionism, fear of failure, fear of judgment, chronic comparison and a delusional perception of what they are ACTUALLY capable of.

You want to step out and start your coaching/consulting practice.

You want to go for a promotion.  

You want to ask for more money.

You want to speak up more.

You want to take on that project.

You want to go for that deal.

You want to move toward a career shift.



What if I make a mistake?

What if I fail?

What if people figure out I don’t know what I’m doing?

What if I am not competent enough to make this happen?

What if people assume that I think I’m hot shit?

What if the only reason for my success is that I'm lucky?

What if I am riding on my personality and not my skills?

What if I don’t have what it takes to go bigger?

What if you spend your career exhausted from constant overthinking, ruminating and second guessing?


And worse yet--what if you miss out on a deeply fulfilling, engaging, KICK ASS career because you are suffering from Imposter Syndrome--BIG TIME.

I spent a great portion of my adult life in academia, a culture that fosters Impostor Syndrome.  Even after earning a Phd, and working as a professor for 8 years, I found myself working WAY below my full potential.  Not because I wasn’t capable, but because I never FELT ready, entitled and willing to REALLY step things up. I was in my own way, and it was costing me happiness, opportunity, money and success. 

It is no surprise that studying Impostor Syndrome, and it’s counterparts (perfectionism, fear of failure and fear of judgment), set my ass FREE!

are in your own way.  Like a brick wall.  And it's costing you.  


I don’t know how I survived without Erin. I wish I had found her sooner. It sounds corny, but working with ERIN HAS LITERALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. Working with her taught me more about myself than years of therapy or self-reflection.

Before working with Erin I was struggling with irritability, resentment, perfectionism, dread about going to work or doing work, overwhelm & lack of control. After just 3 months  I feel relief from the constant feelings of overwhelm, dread, and resentment. I

have taken back the control that I had given away and I am so much more productive and peaceful now. I feel SO much relief and freedom. Erin has the must uncanny ability to listen carefully & quickly distill the issue down to the core problem.  It’s like magic and it doesn’t go away after our session. The realizations Erin guided me to make are permanent and can be applied to other areas of my life as well. Every minute with Erin was pure gold!

-Sara Tylor, Professor of Psychology

Conway, AR

How do you know if Imposter Syndrome is holding you back?

Do you vacillate between feeling capable one day, then filled with self-doubt the next?

Do you fear criticism and avoid situations where you might be susceptible to it?

Do you procrastinate because you feel like you don’t know enough, have enough information or aren’t ready to start this overwhelming task?

Do you over prepare so that you won’t make a single mistake and be caught off guard in any way?

Do you avoid putting yourself out there unless you feel like you have 100% mastered something?

Do you put off starting something new, telling yourself “it’s just not time yet”?

Do you feel like you are successful because of luck, your personality, good timing, or even hard work, but not because you are skilled and competent?

Do you beat yourself up for making a mistake?

Do you worry often about how others perceive you and your capabilities?

Do you work hard to make sure you appear competent, because it would terrify you to look like you don’t have the answers?


Why tackle the ImpostorSyndrome beast?

-Because you will stop feeling mentally exhausted from second guessing-

-Because you will take more risks and enjoy bigger payoffs-

-Because you will finally start that side hustle, take on that project, go for that promotion...-

-Because you will ask for MORE money for your time and skills-

-Because you will feel more competent and capable in your career-

-Because you will stop fearing mistakes and start having some damn fun-

-Because you will stop thinking about how much better your career could be and start making it better-

Because you have more to give, explore, experience and enjoy in your career. And the time to start is NOW. 


​Erin has the ability to get right in my head and shift my thinking and perspective so much, that any issues I brought to the session were no longer issues by the end. She motivated me to take action without even thinking about it! IF YOU PROCRASTINATE, OR ARE PRONE TO PERFECTIONISM, OR HAVE IMPOSTOR SYNDROME, YOU WON"T AFER YOU HAVE WORKED WITH ERIN.  It’s like a massive dose of motivation and courage. Without Erin I would still be struggling.

-Josephine, Hobbs, London, UK

Nutrition Therapist

When I started coaching with Erin I had a deep desire to step into a full time career as an entrepreneur and speaker.  I was stuck in fear. Erin took my fear and turned it on its head and helped me to use it as motivation. She gave me tangible takeaways from each session that I could apply to my days.  I not only made the transition, I exceeded my career goals for the year!  COACHING WAS 100% WORTH THE INVESTMENT AND THEN SOME!!

-Tina Vansteenbergen, Brooklyn, NY

-Professional Speaker @ ForCollegeForLife

STEP UP. STEP OUT coaching program includes:

(5) 75 minute 1:1 sessions with me biweekly via FaceTime or Skype. We will dive in and get you clear on what you deeply desire, what is getting in your way, and how to make the necessary changes to get you STEPPING UP. 

Session centered homework designed to get your mind shifting throughout your daily life so you are motivated to take ACTION toward what you want most. 

Customized memes after each session to reinforce your breakthroughs so you can stay on track with your new work patterns and insights.  

Recommended resources specific to YOUR needs (books, podcasts episodes & articles).   

ERIN"S COACHING CHANGED MY LIFE!  Before working with Erin I was struggling with Imposter Syndrome, worthiness issues & self doubt about moving toward what was next for my career.  Her coaching helped me to understand that I am worthy. She got me out of my head and into my passions; helping me realize my purpose, my worth, and develop a thought pattern to match. If you’re thinking about signing up, you need it! You see a professional for your physical and mental health; you have friends who support your community health, so why would you not want to have someone help you with your career health?

-Bonny Shade, Professional Speaker & Associate Director For Greek Life

Charlotte, NC

ERIN IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! After my first session I knew I made the right decision. Erin listens to what you say but hears what’s underneath.  She can tell what you really need to breakthrough. Before working with Erin, I was struggling with taking steps to move my business forward. Now, I'm able to take actions, even when it's uncomfortable. Erin was wonderful to work with, without her support I truly do not believe I would have taken the actions I did to move my business forward!

-Carri Mansfield Plano, TX

Nutrition Coach @

I love the work I do, but it can be an overwhelming.  Erin was absolutely amazing to work with!  Her coaching was personalized to my needs and  addressed the work patterns that were getting in my way.  She is a master coach.  SHE QUICKLY HELPED ME TO BECOME MORE DECISIVE AND CONFIDENT.  I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to  STEP UP THEIR GAME! 

Jess Ekstrom, Raleigh, NC

CEO & Founder @ Headbands of Hope


YOUR Impostor Syndrome specifics

You have your own unique blend of these patterns.  It’s essential that we understand your beliefs around failure, perfection, mistakes, competence and putting yourself out there.  This gets me crystal clear on exactly what to tackle to get you stepping up and stepping out.

A mindset for success

Using a form of cognitive retraining, we will get your mind rewired to support your growth, competence, confidence, risk taking, and full potential! This is the MOST powerful part of the coaching process. It’s a GAME changer for clients.  The free consultation will give you a sneak peak at how transformational this process is.

Deep desires dive

We will quiet the noise of what ifs and I don’t knows and laser in on what you DEEPLY want for your career.  Why you want it. And what it takes to get it. This connects you to your goals in a way that is motivating and fulfilling so that you can stop thinking about what you want, and start creating what you want.

Action in practice

Drawing on your specific career circumstances, I will guide you as you communicate more clearly, ask for what you need, take steps toward your goals,  and PLAY BIGGER.  This process gets you FEELING better and STEPPING UP in your career.  

Your Investment $1497


We do a free consultation via Facetime or Skype before any commitment. During this time we will do some actual coaching to determine if this coaching program is a good fit for your needs.  

I gained more out of my initial consultation meeting with Erin than I could have ever expected.  Not only to get to know me, but also to do a full coaching session with me so I could understand her work and clarify my goals. IT WAS AMAZING TO FEEL THE IMPACT OF JUST ONE CONVERSATION WITH ERIN, and I knew it was just the beginning of a transformative and impactful journey to come. 

--Talia Deljou Atlanta, GA

Cofounder + President at Mavenly Co. 


What if I don't feel like I need 5 1:1 sessions or 3 months

The Overcoming Impostor Syndrome program is deep and transformative.  This is not a surface program where we trouble shoot a single issue.  This program is designed to dig deep and get you feeling, and behaving, in ways that change your career and life.  You will learn tools that will help you navigate your career for years to come.  

How do I pay you?

After the free consultation, if the coaching program feels right for you, I invoice you through Paypal.  

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes a payment plan option is available  and can be discussed during the consultation.  

Can I secure the same time slot for all  my sessions?

Yes. I will work with you to come up with a time that works for your schedule.  When possible we will schedule the same day of the week and time for all sessions.  

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