Step-by-step guide on how to stop feeling so insecure & overwhelmed in your new job. 

You want to FEEL f--ing capable, competent, calm and in control in your work. 

You want to ENJOY the success you've worked so hard to create. 


You want to stop the second guessing, feeling like a fraud, getting caught in perfectionism, overthinking your decisions, fearing judgement and failure, comparing yourself to others, & feeling overwhelmed by your mind.  


-succeed without feeling exhausted

-stop overanalyzing everything 

-handle criticism & feedback with grace

-confidently deal with your boss or co-worker

-make more money

-perform well

-feel calm and focused in your new position or role

-handle your new opportunity with confidence

-show up competent and capable and FEEL IT 

-ENJOY yourself along the way

Let me introduce myself

I'm Erin, former professor of organizational communication turned professional speaker, and master coach.

I help smart, ambitious women, like you,  get you out of your head and into your strengths.   


My clients come from many different career paths.  They are doctors, lawyers, speakers, professors, entraprenuers, administrators, corporate employees, nurses, government workers and more.


They all want the same thing--to stop daily worrying, second-guessing, and questioning their capabilities.  They want to stop fearing negative feedback.  They want to stop being distracted by how people are perceiving their work. 


They want to perform well. They want to succeed. They want to feel good while doing it. 



New job making you feel crazy? Grab my step by step guide on how to get out of the overwhelm.  

There is nothing more frustrating then feeling capable and confident one day, then riddled with self-doubt the next.  

It's mentally EXHAUSTING. You know something needs to change.  But your mind is a bit of an asshole when it comes to evaluating you.  It may sound something like this:

  • Yes, I have had some success, but I got lucky

  • I can’t repeat my success

  • I’m  gonna fail this time

  • I’m a fraud

  • People are judging me for_____ (fill in the blank with the 9000 different possible answers like; my mistakes, my incompetence, my performance, my impending failure,…)

  • I am not as competent as people think

  • I'm gonna make a mistake I can't come back from


This is a exhausting,  It not only feels shitty, it will sabotage your long term success and burn you out.    

Good news

You aren't stuck here.  If you want a professional life that allows you to succeed AND feel good, you can have it.  If you want to enjoy your work, feel confident, competent and connected to it, you can.   If you want to feel calm about leveling up, taking on new challenges and growing in your capabilities, you can. 

My work isn't about magic dust or empty affirmations, it's about grounded strategies and deep mental breakthroughs. We aren't meant to navigate this alone. 

If you want something different, you need to do something different.  I'm here to help you learn how.  

I don’t know how I survived without Erin.  It sounds corny but working with Erin literally changed my life.  I have taken back the control I had given away. I am so much more productive and peaceful at work.  I have more certainty, clarity and confidence. I feel so much relief and freedom. EVERY MINUTE WITH ERIN WAS PURE GOLD.


-Sara Taylor

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