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1:1 Coaching for New Role Mastery


Despite your history of success your mind is spiraling.     

You wonder if you made a mistake in leveling up or transitioning.

You worry about how others are perceiving your performance.

You feel totally capable one minute then filled with self-doubt the next.

You question if this new opportunity is really a good fit.

You find yourself overthinking emails, conversations, & decisions.  

You feel overwhelmed regularly.

You attempt to perfect your work to avoid criticism.

You procrastinate or over-prepare because your work never feels quite good enough.

You fear you may make a mistake, or worse yet, fail.  

You can feel that you aren't working to your full potential.  

Leveling up or transitioning jobs, often kicks us into perfectionism, fear of failure, imposter mindset and chronic comparison. 

Businessman with bag in his hand walking down steps. Cropped shot of elegant man in suit t

These mental patterns are not good for you or your ability to adjust to this role.

They lead to burnout fast.

They cloud your ability to clearly evaluate the fit of this new position.

They keep you from performing to the BEST of your ability.

They rob you of enjoying your work. 


I understand what it’s like to navigate your career while experiencing total mental exhaustion.  I have navigated several career transitions that challenged my mindset in ways I never anticipated.  

Many ambitious, smart professionals find themselves struggling to adjust after leveling up or transitioning.  I have seen it over and over again in my coaching business. The first few years of something new can send the mind into overdrive.  


This overwhelm and mental exhaustion is not inevitable. It's possible to dramatically expedite your ability to adjust and succeed, to get out of insecurity and into feeling calm and confident. 

Let me introduce myself:

I'm Erin, Professional Development Coach 

I spent 8 years as a professor, applying my Phd in organizational communication to the college classroom.  But, my life-long love of personal and professional development led me to a career as a business owner, professional speaker, and coach.  

I specialize in helping professionals break out of patterns that are creating unnecessary suffering in their careers. I help them feel grounded, calm, confident and in control at work. I help them succeed without feeling like shit along the way. 

I created this specific program because my coaching practice was filling up with smart, capable professionals whose transitions had brought with it a level of self-doubt that was killing their day to day sanity.   


​My coaching isn't cheerleading or simple positive thinking. It's about  getting to root of the issue and helping you make shifts that change how you feel and how you show up. 



Sheyda Mehrara

NOTHING COMPARED TO HAVING ERIN COACH ME. When I came to Erin I was struggling with impostor syndrome and overthinking. Erin guided me through scary acts like speaking up for myself in the workplace and trusting my capabilities.  I walk into work now with confidence.  I know how to receive criticism and I respond to it with a clear mind.  The investment in coaching was more than worth it.


Jess Ekstrom

Erin was absolutely amazing to work with!  Her coaching was personalized to my needs and  addressed the patterns that were getting in my way.  SHE IS A MASTER COACH.  She quickly helped me to become more decisive and confident. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to step into new opportunities with a strong mindset!


Tallia Deljou

ERIN'S COACHING WAS A GREAT INVESTMENT FOR MY CAREER.  When I came to Erin, I was struggling with fears and doubts that were holding me back from fully stepping into my work. Her coaching helped me shift my mindset in BIG WAYS.  Not only did I overcome the obstacles holding me back, I learned invaluable tools to support myself and be proactive moving forward.


Gary M. 

Working with Erin wasn't just about overcoming imposter syndrome; it was about rediscovering my sense of purpose and reclaiming my confidence. With her guidance and support, I began to see myself as a capable, deserving professional. What truly sets Erin apart is her ability to provide practical strategies and techniques for combating negative thoughts. Through coaching sessions and  follow up support, Erin empowered me to recognize my accomplishments and value my unique contributions. I am thrilled to say that thanks to Erin, I have made significant strides in my confidence levels.  I would recommend anyone struggling with uncertainty about a job role to reach out to Erin.

My 1:1 coaching is designed to help you to: 

have clarity on the fit of this new job/role/position. 

stop feeling so self-conscious about your performance and communication.

connect you to your capabilities so you can perform well. 

stop overthinking everything. 

be present after work instead of replaying the day over and over in your head.  

dial your work anxiety way down so you can feel calm throughout your workday.

stop fearing criticism.

handle feedback with openness.

communicate clearly and confidently with co-workers and supervisors. 

improve your focus and productivity.

enjoy your work and feel a sense of fulfillment in what you do. 

Thoughts from my clients...

INVESTING IN ERIN'S COACHING WAS ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I HAVE MADE FOR MY WORK. After leveling up, I was struggling with work boundaries, overthinking, second guessing, money mindset and not knowing how to fully embrace my strengths. 

Now,  I am able to spend my energy earning money instead of earning anxiety!  After working with Erin, I am showing up more confident, clear, decisive and balanced. I have the mental energy and time to enjoy applying my strengths to my work.  Erin knows how to get to the real “meat” of  exactly what I need to work on, work through and focus on.  And she does it with humor and grace. I am SO grateful."

-Anna Hill


Prior to contacting Erin, I was consumed by thoughts of self-doubt, self-sabotage, doubting my abilities, and feeling like a fraud - also known as the imposter syndrome. I felt like I was trapped in a never-ending loop of excessive procrastination, fear of judgement and failure, and a strong belief that I had faked my way into my new job.

After coaching with Erin, my entire mindset has changed. I felt a shift in the way I viewed my own abilities and in my confidence in my new role. My engagement in my work and developing my skills, professionally and personally, has grown. I began to contribute more effectively with new colleagues and MY PRODUCTIVITY SKYROCKETED.

Erin was able to assist me in developing a clear plan of action following each session, outlining how I can confront my fears, overcome challenges, and move toward achieving my goals. If you're interested in investing in yourself, your future, and your aspirations, consider coaching with Erin.

-Hawa S.



If you have landed on Erin's page, don't doubt,  sign up,  you won't regret it!  It's a life changing experience, worth every penny.

When I started coaching with Erin I was transitioning into my new role and my life-long struggle with confidence in myself and my abilities was popping up. This slowed me down and made me ineffective, causing severe work-life imbalance. On top of this, I was ready to quit my new role as I believed it was a misfit.  

After working with Erin, I found my strength and confidence, settled into my strengths and became very effective at work. Thanks to Erin, I now have work-life balance, am able to effectively leverage my strengths, and discovered that the new role is an excellent fit. THIS IS THE HAPPIEST I HAVE EVER BEEN IN MY CAREER. 

Erin is a highly effective coach and gets to the bottom of acute issues in no time. Honestly, for me, this was a much needed intervention, she is a life savior.

-Marija S. 


WORKING WITH ERIN HAS BEEN ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I EVER MADE IN MY PROFESSIONAL CAREER.  Prior to working with Erin, I was suffering from a lot of work-based anxiety. It was very difficult for me to separate my work life from my personal life. Since coaching, I am much less anxious in my work. I am able to separate work life from my personal life. Having been able to work with Erin, I feel like a grey cloud has been lifted from above me. I would highly recommend working with her.  

-Mathew B. 


Erin knows how to bring clarity, and knows how to do it fast. JUST ONE SESSION WITH ERIN CAN BE A TOTAL GAME CHANGER!  Before working with Erin I was scared to make mistakes, scared to disagree with people and constantly feeling like I should be doing more, even though I was already overwhelmed.  Since working with Erin I can breathe and connect to the value I bring.  My work with her translated into a big raise.  Investing in coaching is so worth it!

-Heske V. 


Before working with Erin I was completely paralyzed with fear.  I was comparing myself to others and always worried about what my coworkers thought of me.  I feared I wasn’t qualified for my job and the overwhelm led me to procrastinate and get lost in a negative spiral.  I was uncertain, indecisive, unmotivated, intimidated, and trying to perfect everything. I was sure I had made a terrible mistake in taking this job. 

SINCE WORKING WITH ERIN, I AM CONFIDENT AND DECISIVE AND SO MUCH MORE EFFICIENT NAVIGATING MY DAY TO DAY TASKS.  She helped me clear the overwhelm and get to a place of clarity.  I can focus. I am no longer giving away my control and weakening myself by getting upset over others' actions.

Erin approaches each client's need individually. I know the frequency at which we met and the things she gave me to work on each week weren't coming out of some template or rubric, she was addressing my specific needs and concerns. And working with Erin not only improved my mindset about my job, it improved my personal life as well! Working with Erin will completely change the way you feel and act!

-Karyn T. 


I originally came to Erin due to imposter syndrome and feeling like I would fail at my new job. I felt afraid and unconfident in my new role. ERIN HELPED ME GAIN THE CONFIDENCE I NEEDED TO SUCCEED.  I learned techniques to calm my anxious mind and to put my best foot forward. This was my first time giving coaching a try and I was not disappointed! Asking for help can be scary but it becomes more manageable after taking the first step. I highly recommend Erin!  She is professional, kind, and gets straight down to the issues that are holding you back.



I don’t know how I survived without Erin. I wish I had found her sooner. It sounds corny, but working with ERIN HAS LITERALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. Working with her taught me more about myself than years of therapy or self-reflection.​

Before working with Erin I was struggling with irritability, resentment, perfectionism, dread about going to work or doing work, overwhelm & lack of control. After just 3 months, I feel relief from the constant feelings of overwhelm, dread, and resentment. I have taken back the control that I had given away and I am so much more productive and peaceful now.

-Sara Taylor

You have likely attempted to draw upon your own tools to help you adjust and feel better (positive thinking, affirmations, self-help books, advice from friends, self-coaching...)


It's not that you are doing something wrong, the mind is tricky when it comes to getting out of fear patterns and into confidence.  Our careers are a huge part of our identities and our life.  Even subtle changes to our work life can create significant suffering.   


My coaching works because it actually helps you to rewire how you think, feel and behave.  I'm in your back pocket for 3 months.  This gives you the time and consistency you need to have deep breakthroughs and make lasting change.  

Work Desk


5-75 minute 1:1 sessions with me on  Zoom.  We'll dive in deep and get you out of this overwhelm. The Zoom sessions are designed for breakthroughs . My coaching hones in on your specific circumstance and mindset blocks, helping you to move through these issues quickly. 

Session Follow Up- I will follow up each session with information about your breakthroughs to help you fully implement changes throughout the work week.   This includes things like customized memes with mental reframes, session summary,  a daily personalized worksheet...

Tailored Resources- I will provide recommended resources specific to your needs (podcasts, books, & articles) to expedite your progress and reinforce the areas that need the most attention and transformation.


Coach Recordings-  As you move through your week and implement the session breakthroughs, you may have questions arise or new challenges pop up-- you reach out, I respond.  The coach recordings allow me to offer you coaching support within 24 hours of any given work situation or concern.  

Investment: $1750 USD 

*Please note: Pricing is in USD  (no exchange rate discounts apply).

Coaching program is  3 months, and not sold by session or smaller bundle.

If you would like to work with me...

hop on a consultation call.  If it’s a fit-- we will get you signed up.

More from my clients



WORKING WITH A COACH DURING THIS TIME WAS HANDS DOWN THE BEST DECISIONS I MADE.  Before coaching with Erin I was struggling with self-doubt during my transition into a new role within my organization. It turned me into a person I barely recognized.  I was stressed and frustrated by everything coming my way.  I couldn't see clearly through all of the doubt and overwhelm which led me to question whether I even wanted to be in the role at all.  After working with Erin, I was able to handle the challenges and not react so strongly to them.  I was much calmer, confident and transitioned back to my normal self.  Erin knows how to see what has you stuck and get you out of it. I looked forward to every session knowing that I would leave the session more ready to take on the challenges in front of me. If you're on the fence about the investment - take the plunge and don't look back!


Yesie M. 

When we started, I was struggling with what I consider, severe imposter syndrome.  I struggled with self-doubt in stepping into this new role. I was  questioning my ability to articulate myself well, to offer critical feedback of candidates, fear of saying the wrong thing, and struggling with taking in feedback without questioning myself. Since working with Erin, I have much more confidence in my role capabilities overall.  I am speaking up more and trusting my opinion as a leader. I now have no problem offering critical feedback on candidates and I am not hesitating to offer my perspective. I am applying constructive feedback quickly and effectively. I AM SHOWING UP AS A LEADER WHO FEELS CAPABLE OF TAKING ON LEADERSHIP CHALLENGES WITH MUCH MORE CONFIDENCE.   I know for a fact that this journey of becoming the leader I am today, would have been extremely more challenging if I had not invested in coaching. I have learned so much from Erin and the knowledge I have obtained will continue to function in many different facets as I grow in leadership. In the scope of things, it is a small price to pay for all of the knowledge, wisdom and confidence you achieve by the end of coaching work.


Katelyn L.

Prior to working with Erin, I had a hard time even identifying why I was struggling – I just knew I was! I was on a rollercoaster of emotions at work. We identified together that I was struggling with feelings of resentment and frustration rooted in feeling a constant pressure to please. As a result, I was consistently feeling unfulfilled, anxious, frustrated with my working relationships and genuinely questioning whether the career I’ve spent the last 15 years building was even right for me anymore. Erin dug into things from my past that unknowingly have shaped how I approach relationships – professionally and personally. The things she was able to discern from my blabbering were honestly astounding. SHE WAS ABLE TO QUICKLY PULL OUT THEMES FROM OUR CONVERSATION AND FOCUS ON HOW TO ADDRESS THEM. She asked probing questions that were challenging but not confrontational, thought-provoking but not emotional. I felt comfortable with her. I never felt shame about why I was feeling a certain way, because she approaches coaching with a sense of calm, purpose and understanding. I stumbled upon Erin on YouTube, and she truly spoke to me. Check out some of her videos to see if you feel that connection, and if you do – sign up. You won’t regret it.


Ruby J. 

I CAN'T STOP TALKING TO MY FRIENDS ABOUT ERIN AND WHAT I'VE LEARNED ABOUT IMPOSTOR SYNDROME AND HOW IT WAS IMPACTING HOW I WAS SHOWING UP AT WORK.  Before working with Erin I was struggling with not feeling consistently confident, overthinking feedback, fearing criticism and trying to perfect my work.  Since working with Erin, I feel more confident in my abilities and am able to trust myself to navigate challenges.  I spend less time worrying about negative feedback and I am able to move past self-doubt, rather than letting these thoughts spiral out of control.  I am not only more confident. I am more efficient.  Additionally, working with Erin helped me to start examining where I was going in my career and whether I wanted to continue down that career path. I am excited to report that a few months after coaching I got a new job! And the skills I picked up from working with Erin have really helped with starting a new job confidently and clear-headed.


I gained more out of my initial consultation call with Erin then I could have ever expected.  Not only did she get to know me, she did some coaching with me so I could understand her work and clarify my goalsIT WAS AMAZING TO FEEL THE IMPACT OF JUST ONE CONVERSATION WITH ERIN.  I knew it was just the beginning of a transformative and impactful journey.  And I was right.  

-Tallia Deljou


Are payment plans available?

While I don't offer a Payment plan, I bill through PayPal and they offer a 6 month 0% credit line that allows you to break up the payments over 6 months.  

Do you work with men and women?

Yes. You may have found me through some of my older videos.  At the time, I discussed working with women because women where predominately the ones reaching out for coaching.  Over the years, this has shifted.  My coaching practice is now about half women and half men.


Do you work with international clients?

Yes. My clients are from all over the world.  I am based in the US but all sessions are done via zoom.  The coaching program fee is $1750 USD.  Paypal will convert this fee to your currency for payment. (No discounts or exchange rate adjustments.) 


Do you offer any discounts or price negotiation

No.  I do not offer any shorter coaching programs, sliding scales or scholarships at this time. Additionally,  pricing is in USD and not subject to any discounts or negotiation. 

Can I record the calls?

Yes! We will have sessions on Zoom.  There is a recording option available. 

How do I enroll?

Once we do a consultation and know it's a fit, I will provide you with the information to enroll.

What if I feel like I only need a couple of sessions?

Having coached a lot of professionals struggling in their new job/role, I know how long it takes to make changes needed to get you feeling and functioning better.  This is not band-aid coaching. This is an investment in lasting results and requires a commitment to the 3 months of coaching.  


I gained more out of my initial consultation call with Erin then I could have ever expected.  Not only did she get to know me, she did some coaching with me so I could understand her work and clarify my goalsIT WAS AMAZING TO FEEL THE IMPACT OF JUST ONE CONVERSATION WITH ERIN.  I knew it was just the beginning of a transformative and impactful journey.  And I was right.  

-Tallia Deljou


Before working with Erin, transitioning into a new role was challenging. I found myself comparing to unrealistic standards, grappling with imposter syndrome, and feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of emotions that come with a new job.  I now have a clear path forward, focusing my energy on progression rather than anxiety.


INVESTING IN COACHING WITH ERIN IS 100% WORTH IT. Recognizing and addressing mindset pitfalls early on is crucial for overcoming career challenges. It's like turning on a light in a dark room; suddenly, everything becomes clearer. I highly recommend Erin, especially if you resonate with her podcast which is where I discovered her.

-Ziqi Z.


The offer for a free consultation call tempted me to set up an appointment.  The session was invaluable! We immediately clicked.  This was different then talking to a supportive spouse or best friend.  Erin listened and started asking deep questions that were so impactful.  HER SKILLED PROCESS HELPED ME GET IMMEDIATE CLARITY.  I was committed and there were so many more amazing changes to come. 

-Sarah Austin


ENROLLING AS A CLIENT OF ERIN'S WAS THE BEST DECISION OF MY YOUNG ADULT LIFE.   It's hard to explain how beneficial a personalized coach is to your overall well-being and professional growth until you've experienced it yourself.  Erin peels back layers and helps you figure out exactly what you need. She's invested in you and your career, and not just within your coaching sessions, but in your everyday life.  Her coaching is invaluable to your career.  

-Jess Mattson

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