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THRIVE in Your New Job or Role

From Overwhelm to Ease


Despite your history of success and excitement about taking on a new position, your mind is having a bit of a meltdown around this job.   

You wonder if you made a mistake in taking on this new job/role/position.

You worry about how others are perceiving your performance.

You feel totally  capable one minute then filled with self doubt the next.

You question if this new opportunity is really a good fit.

You find yourself overthinking emails, conversations, & decisions.  

You feel overwhelmed regularly.

You attempt to perfect your work to avoid criticism.

You procrastinate or over-prepare because your work never feels quite good enough.

You fear you may make a mistake, or worse yet, fail.  

If you have struggled in the past with perfectionism, fear of failure, Imposter Syndrome or chronic comparison, this new role will bring these monsters out of the closet in FULL FORCE.


This mental shit-storm is not good for you or your career.

It can lead to burnout fast.

It can cloud your ability to clearly evaluate the fit of this new position.

It can keep you from performing to the BEST of your ability.


I understand what it’s like to navigate your career while experiencing total mental exhaustion.  Been there. Done that. No thanks.

So many smart, savvy women find themselves struggling to thrive in their new role.  I have seen it over and over again in my coaching business. The first few years of a new job sends your mind into overdrive.  


It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to feel like you are drowning in dread on a daily basis. I created this 1:1 coaching program specifically so you can:

I created this 1:1 coaching program specifically so you can:

Have clarity on the fit of this new job/role/position. 

Feel deeply confident in your performance.

Own your competency allowing you to SHOW up for your full potential.

Be present at work and after work instead of overthinking the shit out of everything. 

Feel calm throughout your workday.

Handle feedback with grace.

Communicate clearly and confidently with your boss and co-workers.

Get things done with a sense of consistent productivity and ease.

Feel energized throughout your day.

Own your capability and voice by speaking up and stepping up regularly.

Dare I say... HAVE FUN in your job.   

Don't just take my word for it...

Sheyda Mehrara

Nothing compared to having Erin coach me! She guided me through scary acts like speaking up for myself in the workplace and trusting my worth.  I walk into work now with confidence. I know how to take pause after receiving criticism and I respond to it with a clear mind.  THE INVESTMENT WAS WELL WORTH IT TO FEEL FREE AGAIN! 

Bonny Shade

ERIN"S COACHING CHANGED MY LIFE!  Before working with Erin I was struggling with Imposter Syndrome, worthiness issues & self doubt  Her coaching helped me to understand that I am worthy. She got me out of my head and into my passions; helping me realize my purpose, my worth, and develop a thought pattern to match. If you’re thinking about signing up, you need it! 

Tallia Deljou

When I came to Erin I was struggling with fears and doubts that were holding me back from fully stepping into my work. Her coaching helped me gain a new perspective.  Not only did I overcome the obstacles holding me back, but I LEARNED TOOLS TO BE PROACTIVE AND SUPPORT MYSELF MOVING FORWARD.  It's well worth the investment!  


Over 3 months, we tackle all the mindset blocks that have you feeling shitty. We get you performing and communicating optimally throughout the workday. And we get you CLEAR on whether or not this position is a solid fit for you.  

Worried this might not work for you?  I completely understand.  You have likely attempted to draw upon your own tools to get yourself feeling better (positive thinking, affirmations, self-help books, advice from friends,  self-coaching...)


Unfortunately, pushing through new job anxiety is much more difficult than simply positive thinking or will-power. The brain is tricky when it comes to making changes in how we think and behave. It calls BULL-SHIT when you try to force yourself into feeling confident or calm.  ​

You need an objective perspective on your blind spots and cognitive tools to help your brain actually REWIRE how you think and, in turn, how you will show up in your role.    

That's my cue!


I spent 8 years as a professor in the walls of academia.  But, my life-long obsession with personal and professional development led me into my life as a business owner, professional speaker, and master coach.  

I created this program because my coaching practice was filling up with smart, savvy women in new jobs/roles who were SUFFERING from overwhelm and mindset muck.   I knew it was sabotaging their fulfillment, success, and SANITY. And I knew I could help. 

My coaching is like a laser pointer.  I know how to quickly get to the root of your patterns, and cognitively get things shifted.  This isn't cheerleading or simple positive thinking.  I have mastered coaching and psychology tools that get your mind rewired for clarity, confidence, and CALM. 


75 minutes 1:1 with me on  Zoom or FaceTime where we'll where we'll dive in deep and get you out of this overwhelm. These sessions are TRANSFORMATIONAL. The work we do is designed to move you through these issues NOW and in the FUTURE.

A deep dive into your biggest mindset blocks (fear of failure, fear of judgement, impostor syndrome...) so you can ease these patterns in your current job and as you move forward in your career.


Session centered homework to get your mind unblocked and your days productive, fulfilling AND calm.

Customized memes after each session to reinforce mindset breakthroughs and action steps.  This helps you to stay on track with your new work patterns and insights.

Recommended resources specific to your needs (podcasts, books, & articles) to expedite your progress!


Email support for 3 months.  When things get crazy you have me in your back pocket to mini coach you through it.

Investment: $1597 

If this feels like a program you need...

Hop on a consultation call with me. I will get to know you and give you some mini coaching. If it’s a fit-- we will get you signed up for the THRIVE coaching program.

I don’t know how I survived without Erin. I wish I had found her sooner. It sounds corny, but working with ERIN HAS LITERALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. Working with her taught me more about myself than years of therapy or self-reflection.

Before working with Erin I was struggling with irritability, resentment, perfectionism, dread about going to work or doing work, overwhelm & lack of control. After just 3 months, I feel relief from the constant feelings of overwhelm, dread, and resentment. I have taken back the control that I had given away and I am so much more productive and peaceful now.

-Sara Taylor


I’m making a decent salary, but I’m definitely on a budget. Can I really afford this?

Currently Paypal offers a payment plan option.   Many of the clients I’ve worked with have cleared mindset blocks around showing up for their full potential and speaking up to ask for a raise or promotion. When considering the investment, I encourage you to think about the long term financial gains that result from doing this work.  

I’d love to make sure I get the most out of our sessions. Can I record the calls?

Sure! We can connect on Zoom allowing you to record the sessions so you can revisit them as needed.

I definitely need this! How do I enroll?

Once we do a consultation and know it's a great fit, I will provide you with the information to enroll.

I’d love to work with you, but what if I only need a couple sessions?

Having coached a lot of women struggling in their new job/role I know how long it takes to make changes needed to get you feeling and functioning better.  If your situation is unique and requires shorter coaching support, I will let you know in our consultation and offer up an alternative approach.


I don’t have access to FaceTime or Zoom. Can we do the sessions on a regular phone call?

I prefer to conduct the session using a video component as seeing your face helps me to move you through mindset blocks, however if this isn’t possible we can schedule a phone call instead.  

 Enrolling as a client of Erin's was the BEST DECISION OF MY YOUNG ADULT LIFE.   It's hard to explain how beneficial a personalized coach is to your overall well-being and professional growth until you've experienced it yourself.  Erin peels back layers and helps you objectively assess and identify what you need. She's invested in you and your career, and not just within your hour of coaching, but in your everyday life.  

-Jess Mattson