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I'm Erin. I help professionals get out of the overwhelm that often comes with a new job. 

I know what is't like to live inside a mind that exhausts you.  

My mind used to be my motivator, and my enemy.  One day I felt strong, the next day I felt defeated.

"I got this. I'm smart and capable.  Wait, I don't know what I'm doing.  Do I just appear to know what I'm doing? Am I tricking people? What if I fail and people discover I don't have my shit together?" 


I longed to feel calm, decisive, in control, stable, strong and resilient.  I wanted to take more risks, push my potential and enjoy myself. My god was I hungry to enjoy myself.  I was in my own way in ways I couldn't even see.  

And even worse, I was a master at appearing together.  I had a Phd, a job as a professor, a husband, a dog, and a white picket fence (literally). My fear of failure, fear of judgement, perfectionism and self-doubt were invisible to the world, and sometimes even invisible to me.  



For me, it all started here...

Meet 11 year old Erin. Fun, free, creative, thoughtful, playful, bubbly me.  I had just watched 'Dirty Dancing' with my best friend.  I was not only in LOVE with Patrick Swayze, I was in love with my life.

I was willing to try new things and look stupid while doing it.  I didn't think much about failure or what others were thinking of me. I was too busy dancing.  


This was BEFORE I became a master at overthinking, perfecting, fearing failure and attempting to control people’s judgements. Before I focused on molding myself into being someone that others would view as smart enough, pretty enough, successful enough, skilled enough...blah blah blah.  

This was me before I became so exhausted by my mind.

I looked up at 34 years old with a full “successful” life, and yet that free-spirited girl dancing on my best friend’s twin bed, was a million miles away.

I wanted her back....I committed myself to hunting her down. 

I started searching for her by blowing up my life.  Yep, remember I said it wasn't the smoothest ride here.  I tried EVERYTHING to find her, only to discover she couldn’t be found in a new job, new city or new life.  11 year old me was simply suffocating inside my mind.


How did I do it?

  • strength assessment

  • stress 

  • happiness

  • resilience

  • success/performance 

  • work satisfaction

  • emotional agility

  • confidence

Drawing on my Ph.D work in communication, I quickly became obessed with diving into the research on:

I dove in full force.  I wanted to learn everything I could learn.  But I knew that knowledge wasn't enough.  I had to uncover my own patterns and fears.   I needed to do the work on myself in order to show up differently in my life and my career.   


As I dove into therapy and coaching, I realized that so much of my suffering was coming from my own mental patterns.  I realized I was not only holding myself back from reaching my full potential, but I was preventing myself from EVER enjoying the ride. 

I'll say it again,  my journey through this wasn't smooth. I spent years unnecessarily confused about what was really at the root of my anxiety and exhaustion. When I  finally figured out how to change my relationship to my mind, myself and my work, I knew I had to help others do the same,  

So, that leads me here.  I'm Erin. 





Josephine Hobbs

Working with Erin has completely shifted my way of thinking. We did so much mindset work that miraculous shifts took place! I was even asked to join a team at work where I get to use more of my training and skills! 


Erin has the ability to get right in my head and shift my thinking and perspective so much, that any issues I brought to the session were no longer issues by the end. She motivated me to take action without even thinking about it! If you procrastinate, or are prone to perfectionism, or have imposter syndrome, you won’t be after you have worked with Erin. It’s like a massive dose of motivation and courage. 


Elaine M. 

After working with Erin I have been able to hugely reduce the anxiety and boost my confidence levels, which feels all so natural.  I absolutely love my new job now and embrace the challenges that come up rather than being paralysed with fear at every new email and task.


Erin’s strengths as a coach are her ability to quickly get to the root of the issue that needs addressing and her ability to have the client see and acknowledge it - with lots of 'aha' moments.  For me investing in coaching was the best thing I could have done.  I know with absolute certainty that my future accomplishments and happiness at work are a world away from where they would have been without Erin's coaching and for that I am very grateful indeed!


Bonnie Shade

ERIN"S COACHING CHANGED MY LIFE!  Before working with Erin I was struggling with Imposter Syndrome, worthiness issues & self doubt about moving toward what was next for my career.  Her coaching helped me to understand that I am worthy. She got me out of my head and into my passions; helping me realize my purpose, my worth, and develop a thought pattern to match.


If you’re thinking about signing up, you need it! You see a professional for your physical and mental health; you have friends who support your community health, so why would you not want to have someone help you with your career health?

I understand what it feels like to worry you aren't as capable as people think. I know what it's like to overthink yourself into exhaustion.  I get what goes on inside a mind that is fearing failure and judgement.  And I know what it's like to long for more enjoyment, resilience and calm in your daily work.  


I found 11 year old me and finding her changed my life. 


And finding her has allowed me to help others like you get out of your own way so you can not only succeed in your work but enjoy your career along the way.  

I am not a unicorn

My ability to get out of my own way was not because I am special or unique.  I am no different than the professionals I coach. My human brain knows how to sabotage my success and joy. 

I was able to get out of my own way because I focused on tackling the issue. I sought out support. I got very clear about what was creating these patterns and I learned how to move past them.

I believe in creating an open, non-judgmental space where you can show up vulnerably and we can get to the root of your own patterns and fears. I know how to help you find your confidence, your focus, your capabilities and your career joy.  


When i started coaching with Erin, I had recently leveled up in my speaking career. I was stuck in fear, second guessing and overthinking.  Erin helped me connect to my confidence and strengths. I felt motivated and focused.  


Her follow up emails from session, gave me tangible takeaways I could apply to my days to help me create permanent shifts not just a temporary bandaid.  I NOT ONLY FELT BETTER, I EXCEEDED MY SPEAKING CAREER GOALS FOR THE YEAR!  I am so grateful for Erin's coaching.


- Tina VanSteeburgen 


OF ALL THE INVESTMENT MONEY I HAVE SPENT ON MY CAREER I SAW THE QUICKEST RETURN ON MY WORK WITH ERIN.  My mindset is completely overhauled. Erin taught me tools that have had a lasting and profound impact.

I'm more productive and much more satisfied with my work AND my life.  Erin has mastered the art of thin slicing.  She can specifically and quickly hone in on what is getting in your way.  Don't think twice about working with Erin. It was so worth it. 

-Amina Altai

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