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Thrive In Your New Job or Role

Stop second guessing. Start kicking ass. 


Despite your history of success and excitement about taking on a new position, your mind is spinning like crazy.   

  • Did I make a mistake in taking this new role?

  • How are others  perceiving my performance?

  • One minute I feel totally capable the next minute I am riddled with self-doubt.  

  • I wanted this new opportunity, but now I'm questioning if this is a good fit.

  • I'm overthinking my emails, conversations, & presentations, playing them back in my mind over and over. 

  • I fear I may make a mistake, or worse yet, fail.  

This second guessing is not good for you or your new role...

Mental mania will lead you to BURN OUT fast.  Not only does it sabotage your ability to enjoy your job, it takes your free time hostage.  

The panicked mind is a dangerous place to make clear decisions.  Should you stick it out in this new position or look for something new? You risk regretting your choice without the mindset to evaluate what’s going on.

Constant second guessing will keep you from performing to the BEST of your ability.  What you want for your current job, and all future jobs, is to feel calm and confident so you can kick ass in your career!  

I am here to tell you

You are not alone

You are NOT doomed to stay in a state of constant second guessing.  

Transitions are like spring-cleaning. They bring out all the gunk that is tucked away behind dressers and under beds.

If you have struggled in the past with perfectionism, fear of failure, Imposter Syndrome or chronic comparison, this new role will bring these monsters out of the closet in FULL FORCE.
All of this confuses your evaluation of your performance, sabotages your fulfillment and mucks up your judgement about the position's fit.    


I have helped MANY women get calm in the midst of the spinning.  I know exactly how to get your mind to stop second guessing.  I am here to help you uncover, and understand what you need to THRIVE.  


Help you to stop ruminating  about how others perceive your performance.

Help you clearly evaluate this new role and if it is a fit for you.

Increase your feelings of competency.

Increase your feelings of deep fulfillment. 

Reconnect you to your time outside of work, instead of obsessing about work.

Position you for success in this new role AND in future roles.

Ignoring your feelings of uncertainty, second-guessing, and panic will lead to BURN OUT and self-sabotage.

You are in no state to kick this new role in the ass when you are spiraling.  And you are, for SURE, in no state to know if exiting this position is the best solution.  

I’m the type that enjoys continued learning, so self-help books on how to get over these problems had been read.  BUT, nothing compared to having Erin coach me!  She guided me through scary acts like speaking up for myself in the workplace and trusting my worth.  I walk into work now with confidence.  I know how to take pause after receiving criticism (something that I thought would always hurt my Type-A heart) and I respond to it with a clear mind.  The investment was well worth it to feel free again!  

-Sheyda Mehrara Atlanta, GA


(5) 75 minute 1:1 sessions with me biweekly via FaceTime or Skype. We will dive in and get you clear on what isn’t working, what is working, what needs to change and how to change it.  

Session centered homework designed to get your mind aware and shifting throughout your daily life.  

Customized memes after each session to reinforce your breakthroughs so you can stay on track with your new work patterns and insights.  

Recommended resources specific to YOUR needs (books, podcasts episodes & articles).   

To say enrolling as a client of Erin's was the best decision of my young adult life is an understatement.  It's hard to explain how beneficial a personalized coach is to your overall well-being and personal growth until you've experienced it yourself.  Erin peels back layers and helps you objectively assess and identify with who you are. She's invested in you, and not just within your hour of coaching, but in your everyday life.  

-Jessica Mattson Nashville, TN

When I came to Erin I was struggling with fears and doubts that were holding me back from fully stepping into my work. Her coaching helped me gain a new perspective.   It’s worth the investment!  NOT ONLY DID I OVERCOME THE OBSTACLES HOLDING ME BACK, BUT I LEARNED THE TOOLS TO BE PROACTIVE AND SUPPORT MYSELF MOVING FORWARD

--Talia Deljou Atlanta, GA

Cofounder + President at Mavenly Co. 


Uncover and Move Past Emotional Barriers

We dive into fear of failure, perfectionism, self-doubt, fear of judgment, Imposter Syndrome and more.  It is CRUCIAL that we address these emotional barriers that are draining and limiting, so you can be the BEST you at work, and not feel like shit doing it.  


We clear out all the gunk that is mucking up your judgement.  We get you a clear lens to evaluate this new position so you can stop wondering.    


I  work you through all the mental monkeys that keep you ruminating, playing small and second guessing.  We will get your confidence solid, and mental habits in check, so you are set up to SUCCEED.

Clarify Work Fit

This is where we dive into your work ingredients.  What are your daily tasks and roles? What is the work culture? What is the style of management/supervision that best suits you? We will evaluate what fits and what doesn’t, to help you in your evaluation of this position.  


We will make tweaks to maximize your strengths and your daily fulfillment.


We will clearly identify if this job is a good fit for you.   And if not, what is.

Create Impactful Work Boundaries 

New positions often involve a great deal of learning new things, proving your competence, & adjusting to new people. This makes work boundaries messy. We will create a strategy for how to keep your sanity, energy, and focus aligned.


Keeping work on the mind 24/7 is terrible for your well-being.  I will teach you how to STOP the cycle of work obsession.  


Saying yes to every opportunity is not a strategy that is sustainable.  I will teach you how to strategically say yes in ways that best serve your flow and overall career success.  

The offer of a complimentary consult tempted me to set up an appointment. That session was invaluable! We clicked! This was different than a supportive spouse or best friend. Erin listened & came back with deep follow up questions.  HER SKILLED PROCESS HELPED ME GET IMMEDIATE CLARITY.  I was committed and there were so many more amazing changes to come! "

--Sarah Austin Malta, NY


You are in a new job or new position within the last year.

You are struggling to consistently feel good in this new position.

You frequently find yourself asking questions such as:


-Am I competent enough to do this?

-Do people see me as credible?

-Am I going to fail in this new role?

-What if I make a mistake?

-Should I have taken this opportunity?

-How do I deal with these people or this work culture?

You are committed to diving in!

You are able to commit to 5 sessions within a 3 month time frame.

Your Investment $1497


We do a free consultation via Facetime or Skype before any commitment. During this time we will do some actual coaching to ensure that this coaching program is a good fit for your needs. 


Fifteen minutes into my consultation phone call with Erin, I had my first “ah-ha” moment, complete with tears and fears. That was it. I was hooked. Each session with Erin was relaxing and enlightening. She helped me peel away layers of emotion and self doubt that would have held me back.  Thank you Erin for helping me break free from my "other self" and giving me the tools and confidence I needed to move forward! 

-Shelia E. Albany, NY

What if I feel like I don't need 3 months and 5 1:I  sessions ?

The Help Me Thrive Coaching Program is deep and transformative.  This is not a surface program where we create pro and con lists and manage work-load. This program is designed to dig deep and get your extremely clear and confident. You will learn tools that will help you navigate your career for years to come.  

How do I pay you?

After the free consultation, if the coaching program feels right for you, I invoice you through Paypal.  

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes a payment plan option is available  and can be discussed during the consultation.  

Can I secure the same time slot for all  my sessions?

Yes. I will work with you to come up with a time that works for your schedule.  When possible we will schedule the same day of the week and time for all sessions.  

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