If you sit still you’ll hear it. No, I mean really sit still. Stop rummaging around looking for it like a lost pair of keys. Quit thinking you are confused about where you left it. Just sit still. Can you hear it now? It’s your own voice? That feeling you have that something isn’t right. That nudge that keeps distracting you with a desire to do something different. It’s in there. You aren’t listening close enough. Maybe you are afraid of what it’s telling you? You can do this, just listen...

Stop worrying about what your mother said to you about what’s best. That’s her voice. Quit tormenting yourself about what others will think of you, that’s their opinion. Don’t get confused; it’s not about the image of what you thought would make you happy or successful. You’re still not listening. Stop concerning yourself with the voices of “should have” and “suppose to,” that’s the voice of convention. You’re still moving around too much to hear. These other voices are really none of your businesses. They may have slipped in but their real home is elsewhere. Your voice is nestled inside waiting for you to coax it out. Can you hear it now? It never went anywhere. It’s always been there. Its been whispering to you for quite a bit now, telling you what it really wants. Its been trying to communicate to you in moments of joy that it needs more of these moments. Its been trying to warn you in moments of pain that its time to let go. It doesn’t care what your mother, father, friends, teachers, co-workers, or even therapist thinks. Their voices may have helped to develop it, but in the end, it knows what it needs and where it needs to go. It knows what your passions are. It knows what choices you need to make. It knows the risks that are necessary to build your fullest life. It knows what it wants. It’s always known… its just waiting for you to listen.

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