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1:1 coaching programs


You've recently leveled up or transitioned in your work and you are finding yourself mentally drained.  


You wonder: Was this the right move? Am I competent enough? Are people questioning my performance? What if I fail at this? Do I fit in here? 

You want to perform well.  And you want to feel clear, calm and competent along the way. 

Boss or Co-worker power session

You're  having trouble with your boss or co-worker and it's effecting your work day too much.  You're feeling emotionally exhausted from overthinking, feeling angry, and trying to control it. 

You want help dealing with this relationship so you can focus on your work. 

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You are a full time entrepreneur (speaker, business owner, consultant...)

Your business is going strong and growing.  But with this growth comes MORE CHALLENGES.  Your new opportunities (business partner, new speaking agency, book launch, new hires, bigger clients, bigger gigs...) are tapping into self-doubt and overthinking.  


You want help navigating your anxieties and decisions so you can show up confidently and calmly and actually ENJOY the journey. 


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