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Mindset Gems for Your Career

 + a little dash of life inspiration 

Being able to play well with others is a SKILL that impacts your career success. And nothing challenges this skill like the workplace. Today I talk about a concept that will empower you to deal with your co-workers and supervisor with ease and savvy.

Self-compassion isn’t about generic mantras. It’s about slowing down to look in the deep dark places in your mind. The corners where you hold shame or self blame.

The places where you question if you are bad, lazy, selfish, unworthy... ________fill in the blank.

It’s abo...

When you understand the REAL reason you are having so much anxiety at work you can work to change it.

Don't panic if you feel like insecurity just snuck up and clobbered you. There are ways to work through this confidence crisis.

We do a TERRIBLE job of interpreting our co-workers REAL feelings and experiences? You think you size people up easily.  You think you know when your co-worker is confident, happy, angry, entitled…

You think you know when someone has their shit together and when th...

You are NOT behind in your career or your life!  Stop saying this. Stop believing this. I cannot emphasize this enough. 

I know what if feels like to think this thought.  I have felt it a million times.  This comes up for almost ALL my clients at some point.  I am...

Being in a new job kinda sucks.  Yes there is the hopeful feeling of opportunity, excitement of change and possible freedom from your old crappy job. BUT, the insecurity that comes with learning new tasks and roles can feel incredibly destabilizing.  In my opinion, not...

In my mid-thirties I left my job as a professor to start a business as a coach and speaker.  I wanted to feel confident, clear, certain, and calm about my decision to change careers and take on a new position.

The problem was—I didn’t feel confident, clear, certain, and...

News flash. The brain HATES change.   Particularly change that is surrounded by uncertainty and potential failure.  It hates it in the same way that it hates thinking about getting eaten by a wild animal. 

We’re talking MAJOR HATE.

Why does this matter? It...

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